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Прикомандированным к ОИЯИ студентам, аспирантам: годовой грант ОИЯИ, до 10.12.2016. | Версия для печати |
Association of Young scientists and specialists (AYSS) JINR announces a Grant Competition for JINR Young Scientists and Specialists'2017. The deadline for submission of the grant applications is December, 10, 2016. Young scientists and specialists of JINR, postgraduate students of University Center and skilled workers of JINR departments (under 35 years old) are invited to take part in the Grant Competition. The Grant payment is realized according to the order of JINR Directorate directly to the grantee once per month during the calendar year. The amount of payments for each category will be determined after the approval of the Institute's budget for 2017.

You can find more information and application form at http://omus.jinr.ru/new/motivations/grants2017/
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