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Nuclear physics summer school in Prague (August 29 - September 2, 2016) | Версия для печати |
The 28th Indian-Summer School on Ab Initio Methods in Nuclear Physics will be held August 29 - September 2, 2016, in Prague, Czech Republic.
The focus of the school is the exciting area of the ab initio methods for nuclear structure and reactions studies. Our aim is to provide a detailed pedagogical overview of the forefront ab initio approaches and their extension towards nuclear reactions, which will be comprehensible and relevant to students. The topics of the School include:
- Coupled Cluster Method
- No Core Shell Model and Its Resonating Group Method Extension
- Fermionic Molecular Dynamics Approach
- Self-consistent Green's Function Approach

The School is intended for graduate and advanced undergraduate students, postdocs and young researchers with interets in the in areas of nuclear structure and nuclear reactions. The program of the school includes invited lectures given by distinguished experts along with several sessions of student presentations.

The relevant information can be found at http://rafael.ujf.cas.cz/school/
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